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Friends Forever Internet Radio is a non-commercial Shoutcast audio stream originating in Minneapolis Minnesota, USA. Offering 128 kbps mp3 audio as well as 64 kbps aac+. Hosted and distributed world wide via shoutcaststreaming.us from Los Angeles, California and online from October 2009 until October 2013 and then returning in June 2014 after an eight month hiatus.

Presenting a unique and eclectic mix of pop, indie & subculture music from Japan and the world. A veritable cornucopia of J-pop, Shibuya-kei, idol, guitar pop, picopop, vocaloid, electro, chiptune, touhou, denpa, video game and anime OST's, post/math rock, alternative, punk, metal & jazz.

Currently have 1600+ artists, 3800+ songs in rotation, playlists are rotated daily. I'm always looking for new music - contact me in the chat if you have a suggestion.

~ grahambaster ☆彡☆彡