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Friends Forever Has Two Available Streams:
128 kbps mp3 / 64 kbps aac+

•  Click '128 kbps mp3' or ' 64 kbps aac+' to download .pls file

•  Depending on your download settings, stream will open in your default media player or will ask you to
    choose save or open in the media player of your choice.

•  A .pls file is an executable file that directs your media player to connect to the stream. If you open in
    notepad it looks like this: [playlist]NumberOfEntries=1File1=

•  .pls file @ wikipedia: PLS (file format)

•  Windows Media Player does not natively support .pls.: Open PLS in WMP

•  Manually connect to the stream by adding for mp3 and
    for aac+ to 'open URL' or some such thing in your media player.

Listen via web player or visit these radio directories:

Radio Forest

Mobile Devices:

TuneIn Mobile Mobile
VLC for Android

Questions / Suggestions Please Visit the Chat